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Circle Time Calendar Numbers For Preschool

Circle time in my preschool is the most sought after time of our daily routine. We absolutely love circle time! Over the years i’ve been able to create a fun and interactive circle time experience for my kids! I love to keep circle time very interactive, and fun! With lots of movement and group activities.

One of the group activities that we love to do is our daily calendar! When I first started to teach preschool, I actually dreaded calendar time. I just didn’t feel my students were really getting anything from it. I often felt like I was just going with the motion when I did do it.

5 Tips For Having A Successful New Student Tour At Your Preschool or Childcare Center!

As early childhood educators, we have so much on our plates with the day to day routine of caring for little ones! In addition to scheduling and holding tours for incoming students.

Get The Tour Scheduler for preschool, and childcare directors! They are simple to use, and a lifesaver for staying on top of tours!