6 Ways To Build Classroom Community For Preschoolers

6 Ways To Build Classroom Community For Preschoolers

As a preschool teacher to 15 students, one of my many jobs is making sure each of my students have a presence in my classroom. I have learned over the years that children thrive when they feel welcomed and love.

Throughout the year, Im always looking for new ways to create a sense of community for current students, and incoming students. Im intentional about making sure every student feels apart of our little preschool community. This does require me to stay on my feet, and be creative when thinking of new ways to involve each and every student to create that community feel.

10 Tips on creating a sense of community in your preschool classroom, all year round!


  1. Family Photos - Adding photos from each students family in the classroom, helps them bring a part of home to school!

  2. Art Gallery Wall - One of my favorites in my classroom! Not only does it make my classroom look amazing, but the children really take pride in seeing each others art work in the classroom. I Add name Plates along the bottom of the art work, for name recognition.

  3. Cubby Area’s - Every classroom setup is different, so this is really just any space in the classroom that holds the students personal items that they bring into school. My cubby area holds all backpacks and cots for student, but its also a space with Cubby Tags for each student, and a place for them to store their art work going home. or any special belonging they may have brought in.

  4. Routine - For the most part we keep to a daily routine, with flexibility whenever needed. Ive noticed that having a general routine is really beneficial when new students join us. What I have observed over the years is, my current students taking the initiative to help the new students learn the routine. This automatically makes the new student feel welcome, and apart of the classroom culture.

  5. Name Tags - I view name tags as personal stamps for students. It’s a way for them to make their mark in the classroom and personalize their belongings, and artwork within the classroom. It also allows students to become familiar with eachothers names.

  6. Group Activities - Another Favorite of mine, We do small groups and larger groups throughout the day. I find doing small groups to be most helpful for shy students who want to participate in classroom activities, but can sometimes feel overwhelmed with larger group sizes. Doing groups helps children learn how to work together and get to know each other most importantly.


Back To School Editable Cubby Tags

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I use my cubby tags in my classroom for multiple uses. Each student gets their own cubby tag upon enrollment. Although the primary use for these are “ Cubby Tags “.



Holiday & Birthday Cubby Tags With Name Plates

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Just a few ways that I use the Name Plates

  • Cubby Space

  • Food Cubby Storage

  • Helper Charts

I created the name plates to match the cubby tags, and just like the cubby tags the possibilities for these name plates are endless.

Just a few ways that I use the Name Plates

  • Sleeping Cot

  • Student writing journals

  • Lunch Boxes

First Day of School All About Me Craft! FREE All About Me Lap book

First Day of School All About Me Craft! FREE All About Me Lap book