5 Best Lesson Planning Techniques For Preschool Teachers

5 Best Lesson Planning Techniques For Preschool Teachers

Looking For An Editable Lesson Plan Template?

Click Here, to download my lesson plan template. This template is completely editable and I use it every month as a curriculum map on what I plan on teaching, and the activities centered around that!

Every Month I Create an in-depth lesson plan on what I plan on doing with my kiddos for the month. I sometimes use theme based lesson planning, or depending on what interest my kids the most, I may not use a theme at all. I often just create interactive learning activities centered around their current interest.

Keep reading to see my WEEKLY Lesson Plan template, and my best 4 lesson plan tips and techniques for preschool teachers!

My Simple Weekly Lesson Plan Template

Early Teachers Lesson Plan Template
Early Teachers Lesson Plan Template

My Top 5 Lesson Planning Techniques

Keep It Simple

I would often find myself overthinking my lesson plans, adding to much! Things that my students may or may not truly enjoy. Ive learning to keep it simple. I like to plan a week to 2 weeks out a time. This allows me to keep a close eye on the pulse of the classroom, and what new interest they are moving towards. There is nothing worse than creating an entire lesson plan on Insects, when 95% of the class is taking about the Solar System!

Build on what you may already have

Why recreate the wheel. One of the perks of being a teacher is once we find out what works we tend to keep it for the upcoming school years. I love to create new lessons around activities I may have already created, especially if its an activity that my students truly enjoyed! Building on what I already have allows me to create more in depth learning activities that I know my kids will love!

Plan a week or two at most ahead

I can’t tell you how many times I created a full month worth of lessons, only to see my students interest has shifted. In my classroom, I like to create learning activities and centers around things that my kids are truly interested in. By creating a weekly, bi-weekly lesson plan I'm able to truly create lessons that are centered around what my students want to learn about! I get that this weekly, bi-weekly lesson plan method isn’t for everyone, and I always say do what works for you and your littles.

This method has worked better for my intimate, mixed aged, preschool classroom!

Observe, Listen, And Brainstorm

This is the best tip that I could give anyone! When my littles are playing, I like to keep a notebook near by. I create amazing learning activities, and centers from observing and listening to my kids.
Im able to draw inspiration from their conversations for future learning activities, and learning centers. I like to brainstorm ideas, and create activities from what I heave observed!

Write It Down

This goes hand in hand with observe, listen, and brainstorm. As teachers we are master multi-takers and often have a lot on our minds throughout the day. I make it a priority to write down ideas I think f throughout the day for future lessons, activities, or centers. This has been a huge success for me, as I tend to forgot any new idea I thought about once the day has ended. I know i’m not alone here?!?

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